Plenty, when compared to big ocean going ships. Never more than 49m in length – they are large enough to be relevant but small enough to get into all the ports, inlets and great swimming spots. With less than 40 guests you receive personal attention and get to know your fellow travellers very quickly. More emphasis is placed on the unique destinations, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage  listed, and by getting up close and personal with your mooring spots, you are never more than minutes from the heart of what you have come to see.

A typical cruising day will be setting sail after breakfast, a morning swim stop and/ or an afternoon visit to an island or secluded bay for relaxing and swimming. You will be moored in port by around 4.00pm for the night, giving plenty of time for sightseeing, shopping and planning your dinner arrangements. With the exception of a couple of the international cruises, all evenings and nights are spent in port.

Generally there is no limit, but you should keep in mind that the space in the cabins is restricted. If you hate packing, no worries, you only need to bring a bathing suit and couple of pairs of shorts and T-shirts on your cruise – don’t over-pack.

Yes it is, and without doubt can be a great experience for children with the right attitude! There are of course limited facilities for entertaining children and certainly no water slides or dodgem cars on-board, and due to the special conditions of ship life we recommend children should be at least of school age and able to swim.

Definitely not!

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We work with a number of partners in Croatia but ship owners are mostly Captains to whom this job is a part of a their family tradition, so it is common  that the crew members are part of one family or one family is owner of few ships.

Depending on the size most ships have between 5 and 7 crew. This is usually the Captain, chef, couple of wait staff, chambermaid and 2 sailors.

We strongly recommend you purchase appropriate international travel insurance at the time you pay deposit. Cancellation and refund conditions are strictly enforced; therefore, we recommend that you carry comprehensive travel insurance which covers cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances or those beyond your control. Ask your travel agent or Beyond Travel consultant for a choice of policies.

Yes of course. Give us a call on 1300 664 790 and we will quote the most suitable and competitive airfares for your holiday.

Many ships now have the technology and provide this free of charge although the strength may be lessened during cruising hours. Please check your itinerary, as this will be featured under INCLUSIONS.

Cabins below deck are quieter and provide more privacy. Cabins above deck are a little more airy but can be a bit noisier. Cabins below deck have portholes whilst cabins above deck generally have larger picture windows.

No there isn’t a ship doctor on-board but basic first aid is available and ships can be re-routed to the nearest port in an emergency. You are advised to bring enough of your personal medication, which may not be readily available overseas.

Almost no. The vast majority of our cruises sail only during daylight hours and are usually in port by 4.00pm, allowing plenty of time for sightseeing, shopping and dinner arrangements. The International Cruises on the MS Panorama and Istria cruises do sail through the night on some days, and these are clearly marked on the itineraries.

Although they’re called sailing ships, they usually cruise using their engines so that they can keep to their scheduled itinerary. However most will endeavour to raise their sails at least once a week (depending on weather conditions) and provide some great photo opportunities. Please note that most of the Deluxe and First Class fleet do not have masts and sails.

The number of passengers on ship varies from 20 to 40, depending on the size of the ship. Each ship has a detailed description, specifications and images. Click the SHIPS tab in the header.

There is usually a mix of ages and nationalities on all cruises, except for “Young & Fun” which are designed for the 18-35’s only!

Due to the specific mooring conditions and requirements in some Croatian ports, ships are moored side by side, making it necessary to cross from one ship to another with gaps in between, to get to the shore. In such cases guests need to take special care when crossing and do this at their own risk. Crew assistance will be given to those needing and requesting it but cruises are not recommended for clients in wheelchairs or with limited mobility.

Tipping in Croatia is customary, but not compulsory.

Tips will be welcomed by service staff aboard cruises including Cruise Managers, boat crew and local guides (if used). Envelopes may be left in your cabin on the last day, so that you can leave your tip anonymously or hand to the staff.

We would recommend the following amounts as a guideline, should you think the service has been up to standard (rates shown are per person, per day): Cruise Manage approx 5-7 Eur, Boat Crew approx 2-4 Eur (collectively), Local Guides approx 2-4 Eur.

Smoking in the restaurant area and in the cabins is not allowed. There will be a small-designated area outside for smokers away from the general entertaining areas. Passengers must not throw cigarette butts in the sea.